Saturday, June 9, 2007

My Favorite Donald Duck Cartoons

Since this is the anniversary of the release of The Wise Little Hen (1934), I thought I'd post my favorite cartoons featuring Donald Duck. Unsurprisingly, they are all directed by Jack Kinney.

Everyone should have this first one on their favorites list. (It's my favorite Disney cartoon short period.)


Duck Pimples (1945) is a bit of a bizzarre one in the spirit of The Great Piggy Bank Robbery (1946). This short is casted by character: Donald is animated by Hal King and Andy Engman, the cop is animated by John Sibley, and the girl by Milt Kahl.


Donald's Diary (1954) was done in the UPA fashion, very cleverly (and funny). Sexual innuendo was becoming more common in the Disney cartoons at this time. Disney was also reusing a lot of footage at this time to get the cartoons out faster on the cheap (and, hey, it's from Der Fuehrer's Face too!).


And, hey, what tribute to Don would be complete without this?


Oh and it's my birthday too.

(More on this guy and his comics father next week... Meanwhile, I'm going to go get wasted.)

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