Thursday, June 21, 2007

Island in the Sky Pt. 1 (Gottfredson)

I'm way too damn lazy to write about the history of Floyd Gottfredson was and what an important figure he was in the field of cartooning, so here's a small piece David Gerstein wrote years ago.

The Mickey Mouse cartoons were always really, really boring to me. Except for a handful of the shorts Iwerks animated on and some of the weirder color ones, I had always, and still do find them to be really corny. I'd rather watch Goofy, and the Disney Channel rarely played those. So many of those Disney cartoons were devoid of any actual characterization that it was embarrassing to watch them.

I didn't read Disney comics until I was in high school so I was devoid of knowing that a Mickey Mouse who made up for his lack of humor with courageousness, spunk, and cockiness existed. It was a bit of a revelation.

Here's a favorite story of mine, I'm going to post it all over the next week or so. They had a lot of trouble getting this one run in the comic books in the early 90s, even though it's considered one of Gottfredson's best continuities (because of Dr. Einmug's German accent). Stupid, huh? Wait till we get to the 50s strips, and how the editors hated them because of all the sexy girls in them!

Anyway, here's the dailies from 11-30-36 to 12-19-36.

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