Monday, April 10, 2006

Odor-Able Kitty (Bob Cannon)

Pepe Le Pew was always my least favorite Warner character as a kid. It must be because the shorts are simply remakes of the excellent cartoon FOR SCENT-IMENTAL REASONS (1949)... That one won an Oscar, so I guess Chuck went with what worked I guess!

But the actual character Pepe Le Pew is quite a funny one, especially in the earliest shorts, like his debut film, ODOR-ABLE KITTY (1945). This one has some fantastic Bob Cannon animation in it. Bob was always great with facial expressions and movements. He animated the ending where it's revealed that Pepe is really henpecked 'Henery' with two kids, and the French accent is a fake! I think Ken Harris animated the cat sneaking away as Pepe is getting beaten by his wife. The cat is male, BTW... Talk about a couple who needs marriage counseling!

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