Saturday, April 15, 2006

How to Bastardize a Beloved Film by Yourself

All you really need is Windows Movie Maker, something that makes MPEG files, and a single funny cartoon sound effect.

I actually got around to watching BAMBI (1942) for the first time in God knows how long (all I know is is that the copy in our basement was still in its original wrapping!). I might post my thoughts on this film later on (though I'd rather rip SNOW WHITE a new one beforehand), but all I'll say is that I didn't laugh at all during the movie. Now I know it's completely wrong to think that a cartoon has to be funny to be good, but I always get at least one good laugh from the Disney features. But I didn't with this one.

So what better way to make sure there's a funny scene in Bambi than to make sure that it's one of the most traumatizing Disney moments?

I promise my next post won't be as silly. Blame Jon Cooke for inspiring me to make this if you think it's lame. Be thankful I don't show you the other things I come up with at 2 in the morning.

You can see a funnier Bambi parody here though.

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