Saturday, January 7, 2006

Daffy Bogart - Ken Harris

There's talk lately that Ken Harris was a 'bad animator'. Watching the classic Warner cartoons for almost two decades, the one thing I've learned is that there were certainly weak animators on the Freleng, McKimson, Tashlin, and sometimes even Clampett cartoons. But there was absolutely NO bad animation in the Jones cartoons. And it most certainly is NOT Ken Harris' work.

I'm going to be posting a lot of Ken Harris scenes this week. Here is a great 'acting' scene by Harris from one of Jones' very best cartoons, "Daffy Dilly". I've been told Chuck would spit venom if you praised cartoons like this or "A Pest in the House", claiming how horribly wrong you were, or how it was probably a Clampett or McKimson short.

This is definitley one of the best scenes in any Jones cartoon, and it always seems Harris is the animator on them. Big thanks to Greg Duffell for identifying this piece, and for getting me acquainted with Harris' style.

Daffy Dilly
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