Thursday, May 24, 2007

Carl Barks Model Sheets

When Western Publishing realized they had no official model sheets for the Disney characters, they called on Carl Barks to draw three of the ducks. Sez Barks...
[I] never could follow the model sheets anyway. I was asked to do a model sheet of Donald and Uncle Scrooge... This model was to be the Barks duck. Well, I couldn't even keep my ducks consistent with that sheet.
Barks drew these three in 1950 (during his Golden Age), and I photocopied them out of the Carl Barks Library (Set 8, Volume 3) for quick reference (and so I wouldn't get pencil or eraser smudges on the book). Sorry for the crookedness, it was the best I could get.

I think my favorite description of a person ever was what Milt Gray told me Carl Barks was: "The closest thing to a real-live Santa Claus you could find."

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