Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More DVNR Crimes: Droopy

I hiked over to Target (I don't own a car and I hate Wal-Mart) to pick up the new Droopy set. It really is close to being perfect, but I have to point out that this set has some of the worst DVNR I've ever seen. The violated shorts are "Wags to Riches", "Daredevil Droopy", "Droopy's Good Deed", and "Three Little Pups".

It's so bad on these cartoons that it not only effects the wonderful wild takes Tex Avery was known for, but even subtle walks or head gestures!

This is my favorite one... Nothing going on but a deadpan walk...

And this mutilated version of "Three Little Pups" finally answers the question... Does DVNR effect live-action?

Nope... But is sure screws up great animation.

BTW, when I purchased the set, the cashier excitedly said how Droopy was her favorite cartoon character... Not sure if she was thinking of the right character, but it's nice to see non-aficionado appreciation.

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