Saturday, May 12, 2007

I'm Happy. Hooray.

The Droopy DVD collection is coming out next Tuesday, and by most accounts, it's a great set, despite some really bad DVNR. Despite this issue, "Droopy's Good Deed" is indeed uncensored on this collection, which I honestly didn't expect to happen.

If you are hoping to own an official DVD set of Tex Avery's MGM cartoon shorts, it's best that you buy this set. Decent sales of it will give Warner Home Video the clue that we all want animation's most original director's classics on DVD. (Though I suspect they are trying to push the sales by promoting screen-siren Red on the cover.)

My favorite cartoon on this 2-disc set is "The Shooting of Dan McGoo". A pity they couldn't get Mark Kausler's print with wartime smoking gags this time.


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