Monday, May 28, 2007

Service with a Guile

Sorry for the low-quality, but this clip is the best I can do.

Over at Mike Sporn's blog, there's a bit of an argument I'm having with him over Jim Tyer. Personally, I think it's ridiculous saying he was influenced by UPA. Tyer's style was completely original and rooted in classical animation which is easily proven just by looking at a single frame of his work.

For the record though, Tyer did indeed jump at the opportunity to do work in the UPA style when Gene Deitch came to Terrytoons. He saw it as something new and exciting. Connie Rasinski, by comparison, was fuming mad about the changes, but took a professional attitude about it and did the work anyway.

Anyway, here's some hilarious Tyer animation from Bill Tytla's Popeye cartoon for Famous, "Service with a Guile" (great title, huh?). There's similar animation by Tyer in "Shape Ahoy" and "Royal Floor Flusher". Does this count as distortion?

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