Saturday, February 3, 2007

Which is Witch

Okay all you Friz bashers, let's hear what's wrong with this cartoon.

"Which is Witch" is one of the very best of the Warner studio's output. There is sharp timing and hilarious gags, beautiful backgrounds and paintings by Paul Julian, and some decent animation. And hey, a pretty off-color gay joke at the end too!

I screened this last September and while I had some problems with the projector throughout the short, it got agreat reaction.

I'm not 100% positive of attributing the whole first quarter of the short to Art Davis, but I don't see anything else in the cartoon that looks like his work, and I'm uncertain if it's Pete Burness. I'm certain someone will correct me.


- Dr. I.C. Spots mixing potion to Bugs leaving with camera : ART DAVIS
- Bugs walking away with camera to getting lead to hut : VIRGIL ROSS
- Bugs sees boiling pot to running out of hut : GERRY CHINIQUY
- Bugs ducks into hut, dresses as Zulu, and gets chased again : ROSS
- Bugs stops at River to Spots jumping out of bag : KEN CHAMPIN
- Bugs final look to the camera : CHINIQUY (his best piece of animation ever, IMO)

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