Friday, February 9, 2007

Destination Moon

Here's a nice piece of history.

The Lantz studio's very first project when they re-opened their doors in 1950 was a segment for George Pal's feature, "Destination Moon". This scene was apparently done on the cheap (see the shot at 2:42 for proof).

The first half of this is most certainly animated by Verne Harding, and I believe the second half is by Paul Smith (Mike Kazaleh will know once he sees this). While Smith's animation is kind of crummy looking, Harding's is absolutely great and shows what a talented artist can do on a very limited budget.

This was also Grace Stafford's first time voicing Woody. I guess she couldn't get the voice down right away, as you can plainly hear, and Woody does not talk in the bulk of his cartoons from 1951-52.


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