Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This Was Before Family Guy

I think all the kids in internet land might not realize that their beloved Family Guy made reference to the Gene Kelly film "Anchors Aweigh" (1945), which is amazing as that was made before Seth McFarlane was born. I guess they're running out of 80s sitcoms to make fun of.

For the record, this scene, with Jerry, was animated by Ken Muse, Ed Barge, and Ray Patterson. (By now I think all of you can tell them apart.)

It might be me, but I can't fall for the supposed 'magic' of this scene. While I love the fact that something as 'off-model' as Ray Patterson's great animation made it through to one of MGM's big budget musicals (which could only be topped if Irv Spence's animation made it in), the fact that Jerry is imitating Gene Kelly's every move kills off a lot of the character's believablity that made those Tom & Jerry cartoons of the mid-40s so great.

I still like it more than the Esther Williams scene.


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