Monday, February 19, 2007

Wee Willie Wildcat

ZOMG! An MGM cartoon breakdown without Tom & Jerry!

Dick Lundy briefly took over Tex Avery's unit from 1950-51, for a final attempt at reviving Barney Bear. Lundydidn't think too highly of his shorts, but in my opinion, the best ones are some of the funniest and slickest shorts the MGM studio ever made. "Wee Willie Wildcat" is one of them.

Thanks to Matt Yorston for helping me confirm a few styles I was uncertain with. I'm not sure who the best animator on this film is. Ray Patterson's animation is beautifully done, Grant Simmons' is fluid and lively, and Mike Lah's is hilariously timed and painful.

Unsual for Lundy, animation was lifted from previous films that Avery directed (they are noted in the breakdown). Perhaps, in the case of the camera scene, he was stuck for a gag, as it makes no sense as to why Barney would be the one taking the photo if the advice is to give the brat a hobby.

I apologize for the Cartoon Network logo in this breakdown... How about a DVD set of these and other assorted MGM products, huh?


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