Sunday, April 15, 2007

Canned Feud - Funny Freleng Animation

Freleng's "Canned Feud" is one of his best. It was part of a long string of films showing the versatility of Sylvester as one of cartoondom's greatest characters (others include "Stooge for a Mouse", "A Mouse Divided", "Tree for Two"). Sylvester's turmoil over obtaining a can opener to save himself from starvation is some of the best acting done in a Warner cartoon.

This also has some of the funniest animation in any Warner cartoon.

Dig that crazy shooting error!

What was Friz smoking when they did this one?

And what the hell exactly is all of this about?

The scene of Sylvester searching and ripping out the drawer was animated by John Carey, a regular in the McKimson unit and who later became a regular artist at Western Publishing. (Thanks to Greg Duffell for this identification.) Art Davis animated the scene following with Sylvester begging for the can opener.


Did Dick Bickenbach layout this scene or something? This was hilariously animated by Davis as well.

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