Saturday, April 14, 2007

Got Woody?

It's a joy to see that cartoon historian numero uno, Jerry Beck, has performed what Christ couldn't have: Getting the classic Walter Lantz cartoons released on a legitimate DVD.

Having consulted on this set, it's going to be the DVD release of the year (sorry, Popeye). The best cartoons the studio did are on this set (which are among the greatest ever made), and Jerry reports that they are uncensored and un-DVNRed.

Most of the cartoons before Woody showed up, except for choice Oswalds, are pretty pedestrian. The character gave a jumpstart the studio needed, and was furthered with the arrival of Shamus Culhane in a few years.

Here's the pecker's second picture, directed by Lantz himself. Call me crazy, but I love the grotesque design of Woody. The exact kind of imagery you'd want to give to the Antichrist of cartoon stars. (Though my favorite design is the slick Dick Lundy one in the late 40s.)


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