Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Git Along Little Duckie - Marty Taras

My dirty secret is that I love Famous Studios cartoons. I know they're not the greatest things ever done in the medium, but there's still a charm (?) to them that makes me love the shorts.

40s Popeye, Little Lulu, Herman & Katnip, Buzzy, Baby Huey, and the early Noveltoons are great. Casper and Little Audrey can burn in cartoon hell for all I care though.

Marty Taras was a great talent at the Famous Studios, and like Johnny Gent, he was a good as anyone on the West Coast. He did a lot of great comic book work too, like Rags Rabbit, which J.E. Daniels has posted here.

I think these scenes from "Git Along Little Duckie" (1955) are his. Warning to the squeamish: the second clip is about as vile as classic cartoon violence gets... Which is why I love it.



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