Sunday, June 11, 2006

Kit for Cat

The knowledgeable Mike Kazaleh broke this Friz Freleng short down.

Of note: Pete Burness is uncredited on this film, though he did more footage than Ken Champin. He was low on the 'totem poll' apparently, along with Emery Hawkins, who were usually the ones most likely not to get screen credit.

It's hard to think one could top Gerry Chiniquy's 'jerky' animation, but Burness seems to beat him in spades at it. Burness' scenes also seem to be the most off-model in the film.

This film seems to be proof that Freleng rarely wanted Sylvester to be seen in a role where he wasn't a villain-type character. Rare was the case that Sylvester wasn't a predator of some kind in Freleng's films (among exceptions, "Stooge for a Mouse" and "Canned Feud" where he is a victim, and of course "A Mouse Divided"). Interesting enough, though, he was used as a heckler in Freleng's "Back Alley Oproar" earlier that year.

Cats digging in cans: Chiniquy

Sylvester pounding on door: Ross

Sitting by the fire: Chiniquy

Kitten pounding on door: Ross

"Which one to keep?" sequence: Pete Burness

Sylvester pacing/ "Here, pussy!": Perez

"Did you do that?": Champin

Ball of yarn/broken dishes: Ross

Hypnosis sequence: Burness

Wind-up mouse/Sylvester leaps from armchair: Perez

Sylvester runs around catching stuff: Burness

"One more peep...": Ross

Reaction of kitten: Chiniquy

"Out you go!"/shotgun/earmuffs: Ross

Kitten slams doors: Perez

Kitten switches on radio/makes noise: Chiniquy

Sylvester cahses kitten around: Champin

"I've made up my mind!" to the end: Chiniquy

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