Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Daffy Duck Hunt

Mark Mayerson provided me with the draft for this great McKimson short as well.

Manny Gould once again steals the show with his dramatic bit of Daffy telling his story of arctic trauma...

"Suddenly... a glacier cracks! There's a roar! TONS of ice! NO ESCAPE!!!
How's things been with you?"

- Opening to Daffy as Lew Lehr : Phil De Lara
- "Here comes one now" : John Carey
- Daffy's powerdive : De Lara
- "I geyuh-got him!" : Carey
- Daffy's banner : Chuck McKimson
- Daffy putting on skirt : Carey
- Daffy's can-can : Pete Burness
- What the hell?! : Carey
- "G'bye now!" : Burness
- "Go get 'im" : Carey
- Dawg running : Burness
- Close-up of Dawg : McKimson
- Dog crying, Daffy asks what's wrong : De Lara
- Close-up of Daffy to Porky leaving : McKimson
- Exterior shot of Porky and Dawg entering house to Dawg about to open freezer : Carey
- Close-up of devil dog : Manny Gould
- Dawg covering ears : McKimson
- Angel dog appears to "Ah shaddap!" : Gould
- Dawg taking Daffy off to Daffy shaking Dawg's hand : De Lara
- Close-up of dawg to "You're never leavin'!" : McKimson
- Daffy trying to escape to making noise : Burness
- "What goin' on down there?" : McKimson
- Daffy jumps in to Dawg's mouth : Gould
- Daffy gets put back in freezer : Carey
- "It was mush mush mush!" to jumping in mouth again : Gould
- Porky walking in to putting Daffy back : Carey
- Dawg pulling out axe : McKimson
- Dawg chasing Daffy with axe : De Lara
- Daffy shuts door to "Benedict Arnold!" : Burness
- Running downstairs : Carey
- Daffy jumping out as Santa to getting slammed to floor : Gould (except for close-up of calendar: McKimson)
- Iris out : McKimson

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