Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Mouse Comes to Dinner

This is one of my favorite Tom & Jerry shorts. It might be because of its sadistic and violent nature. It might be because both character's asses gets more abuse in this short than about a few dozen cartoons put together.

It might be because of this great piece...

"Hey... What's cookin'?"
"You are... STUPID..."

Tom mistaking this for innuendo is priceless. And the bit with him putting the moves on Toots is great too.

Ray Patterson gets more footage than usual to do in this film which makes it all the better. I believe his is the only animation that doesn't get a huge boost from Scott Bradley's fantastic scores.

"The Mouse Comes to Dinner" (1945)

- Fade-in to "Boy that's a beautiful table" : Pete Burness
- "Sure hope nothin' happens to it before the company gets here" to Jerry burning his ass on the spoon : Ken Muse
- Jerry melting the butter to Tom grabbing Toots : Irv Spence
- 'Wolf pacifier' to Tom lighting match on Jerry's ass : Ken Muse
- Jerry picking up pie to Tom getting cherry pie in face : Ray Patterson
- Jerry running off to Tom getting poked in ass with wine bottle : Burness
- Tom getting hit with pastry to Tom going through ceiling : Patterson
- Toots and Jerry running away to iris out : Muse

I should also add that I was actually able to rip this one from the official Tom & Jerry DVD collection. Amazingly this wasn't redubbed or edited, so it was 'useable'.

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