Friday, May 26, 2006

Little Red Riding Rabbit

HEY, GRANDMAAAA!!! I brought a little bunny rabbit for ya! TA HAVE!!!

Time for a breakdown of one of my all-time favorite cartoons. I seriously question your sense of humor if you don't find this one funny.

Mike Kazaleh broke this one down too!

- Opening with Bugs and Red : Manny Perez

- Wolf tip-toeing to entering Grandma's house : Dick Bickenbach

- Wolf putting on Grandma's outfit : Gerry Chiniquy

- Wolf throwing other wolves out to scooting Red out : Gil Turner (favorite aspect of Turner here is that he seems to make the Wolf slobber whenever possible)

- Wolf looking in basket to Bugs sending him offscreen : Jack Bradbury (My personal favorite here. It looks a lot like his comic work.)

- Wolf running around in circles to Bugs knocking on his head : Ken Champin

- Bugs runs into other room to Wolf backing Bugs into wall : Gil Turner

- Bugs repeats everything Wolf says to Wolf tip-toeing offscreen : Gerry Chiniquy

- Wolf tip-toeing into dark room to Bugs about to drop the flower : Jack Bradbury

- Close-up of Bugs : Gerry Chiniquy

- Red being placed under the pile to iris out : Virgil Ross

Some things I realized watching this cartoon again:

1. It's the best cartoon Friz ever did (largely in thanks to Mike Maltese).

2. It's one of the best cartoons ever made.

3. It's one of the funniest!

4. Billy Bletcher seems to be having a hell of a fun time in this one. "Put on your old grey bonnet..."

5. Despite it ending with Bugs saving the Wolf and placing Red over the coal, he doesn't come off as a jerk, since it comes more from his personality than say, driving a dog to suicide or burying Elmer Fudd alive.

6. Gil Turner went on to become, as I like to call him, the "Carl Barks" of Zeke Wolf. I've always wondered why he looked so different in Turner's comics than from the actual Disney shorts, and now I know why. He learned to draw the Big Bad Wolf from "Little Red Riding Rabbit"!

A defining page from one of Gil Turner's Wolf stories.
Appeared in WALT DISNEY'S COMICS & STORIES #85 (Oct. 1947).

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