Monday, March 12, 2007

Hop and Go

Here's my favorite of the thirteen cartoons Norm McCabe directed at Warners, "Hop and Go" (1943). This cartoon is note-worthy because it contains some of Art Davis' earliest known animation at Warner Bros. (his first picture was "The Daffy Duckaroo"). I believe is just a few [great] shots of the rabbits, Sandy and Andy, namely at 2:18.

For the record, Davis was fired at Screen Gems by Mr. Frank Tashlin. Being fired for being one of the 'old guys' by one of the top directors probably did not help Davis' already unfortunate poor self-image.

Back to McCabe though, a cartoon like this hints at good things to come from this new director, and I wonder what kind of Warner cartoons we would have seen if he had not got his director stint cut short by the draft.


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