Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kimball Tribute

I just realized that Ward Kimball, possibly Walt Disney's most original animator, would have celebrated his 93rd birthday last week (March 4th). And stupidly, I forgot to post anything then.

I actually rewatched "Cinderella" last year when I made it a priority to have all the Golden Age animated features in recent memory, and I was surprised at how much I was laughing out loud at Kimball's scenes of the cat, Lucifer, and the mice, Jaq and Gus. The drawings and posing here are hilarious and really strong. As I've said ad nauseum, it's ironic I identify with and find more believability in characters like Kimball's than the practically rotoscoped ones in this clip.


This one just got released (again), but I thought I'd post it anyway because the Indians are so damn hilarious looking. I also hope I'm not the only one who finds John's line about ten seconds in to be horribly ironic.


(Wondering why the colors here look so much better than your copy on DVD? More on that later.)

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