Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Sheik Boogie Woogie

Walter Lantz's Swing Symphony series was possibly the most 'politically incorrect' one to ever exist in Hollywood animation. Every entry contains either racial stereotypes, sexy gals, booze drinking... And alwaysgreat music and animation.

Shamus Culhane's "Abou Ben Boogie" is no exception. I believe a piece of this film actually had the Miss X's gyrations cropped out before release... It looks lifted from "Greatest Man in Siam" as the movements are almost exactly the same.

Much of the Miss X and Ben Boogie dancing I believe is animated by Pat Matthews. There is also a lot of Grim Natwick (I'm certain the guy who looks like Farmer Alfalfa is his) and Emery Hawkins in this clip.

As you can tell, my copy of this cartoon is in pretty sorry shape, and I would grateful if someone could help me find a better one. (Preferably one with no audio dropout in the first half!)

Abou Ben Boogie
Uploaded by thadk

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