Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dem Lambs is Jitterbuggin'!

Here's a segment from one of my all-time favorite cartoons, "Much Ado About Mutton". This scene looks like it's animated by Marty Taras mainly by the way the characters move and look. This was right before the cartoons at Famous became more 'refined' with cleaner animation but more stock poses and gestures.

I like the Famous Studios cartoons and think they're underrated. I definitely like the cartoons of the 40s better than anything Terry did and they are on average better than the last few years of Fleischer output (1940-42 roughly). All of the Blackie the Lamb cartoons are hilarious and feature wonderful animation by Taras, Tendlar, and Gent, and I hope to highlight them in the near future.

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