Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Comic-Con '07

I'm back from my first San Diego Comic-Con. Boy, what a week!

Lots of highlights on this trip, among them...

* Meeting Bob Jaques and Chris Suave (animators of some of the best Ren & Stimpys)
* Heckling Jerry Beck at the Popeye DVD forum over DVNR. (He let Bob and I see the DVD early - coolies!)
* The annual Apatoons Breakfast with Jerry, Bob Miller, Milt Gray, Harry McCracken, Tom Knott, and Craig Yoe.
* Getting a genuine Mike Kazaleh drawing from the man himself (thanks again, Mike!). He, Scott Shaw, and Sergio Aragon├ęs were the subjects of a hilarious Quick Draw panel (hosted by Mark Evanier).
* Gossiping and trolling for women with the world-famous J.J. Hunsecker (ladies, if you want to make him happy, dress as Snow White!)
* Shaking Don Rosa's hand
* Purchasing about 60 funny animal comic books from the 40s/50s. There was some weird stuff in them, I'll scan them later.

Unlike just about everyone else, I wish I went all four days. I spent Sunday with my family on the worst L.A. tour ever, 'guided' by a hung-over Hispanic guy who totaled the side of the bus.

Animation historian Jerry Beck signing Popeye hats, Bob Jaques to the left in sunglasses

Corporate America

Some finds from the dealer's floor

Everyone's favorite children's character!

Left to right: Sergio Aragon├ęs, Scott Shaw, and Mike Kazaleh at the Quick Draw panel

Popeye giveaway hat (should've been giving away those DVDs instead!)

Harry McCracken's favorite video game

My purchase at the Van Eaton Galleries booth

Maybe more photos later! Leave a comment- it was great meeting all of you!

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