Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Funny Columbia Animation - Grant Simmons, Frank Tipper, & Roy Jenkins

Here's a piece of animation at one of the "squarest" studios that really surprised me. The Columbia directors Bob Wick and Howard Swift obviously didn't give much freedom to their animators which is why it's so hard to spot any individual style. This scene, from the Flippy short Cagey Bird (1946), is an exception.

EDIT: Grant Simmons animated the bits with Flop (the cat) going through the pillows and falling down the stairs and screaming. Frank Tipper animated Flop getting tripped and trying to put Flippity in his mouth. Roy Jenkins animated Flop escaping Sam's (the dog) bite, getting bashed on the head, and diving into the trashcan. Jenkins did some really funny looking 'silly putty' animation in this scene!

This is about as wild as Columbia got for the time period.

Cagey Bird
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