Friday, October 19, 2007

Friz Freleng - Foxy by Proxy

Here's an underrated classic I recently took a look at, Friz Freleng's "Foxy by Proxy" (1952). Technically, it's a 'patchwork film', borrowing the premise (and entire opening!) of Tex Avery's "Of Fox and Hounds". But it has a lot of great elements of its own, such as the funniest pack of dogs ever animated (by Art Davis), and a great take on the Avery gag of Bugs 'turning-the-log-off-a-cliff'. Virgil Ross does a great job with subtlety here with Lenny (Stan Freberg) being so stupid that he thinks his 'little friend' has gone away because Bugs has the headpiece on backwards. Ross also animated the ending with Bugs getting one-upped.

There's a lengthy piece here that definitely isn't animated by one of the Freleng regulars, of Bugs trying to get the dogs off his trail. It's beautifully animated and perfectly drawn... Any suspects? [Edit: Mike Kazaleh writes in that he thinks John Carey may have animated it.]

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