Monday, December 4, 2006

The Sleigh

In my opinion, Shamus Culhane was Lantz's best director after Tex Avery. The Lantz cartoons are good in the early 40s, but they don't get great until Shamus came in to direct. He really used those animators, like Emery Hawkins, Pat Matthews, Verne Harding, and Don Williams to the best of their abilities. Lundy got the cartoons to look prettier, but Shamus' are much faster, funnier, and more well-put together.

Here is a great scene from one of his best shorts there, Ski for Two (1944), primarily animated by Emery Hawkins. This is such an amazing scene from a hilarious cartoon. I want a flipbook of drawings Emery did for the piece where he jumps right at the camera to get a grasp on how he achieved it.

Ski for Two
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